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Associated Credit Managers, Inc offers a variety of credit services for businesses  nationwide. With our services, you can get back to your business without having to worry about collecting bills or payments from customers... 


Credit Consultation and Training

Achieve Your Credit Goals!

If your credit or collection team is not consistently achieving your objectives, Associated Credit Managers, Inc
can help your business. We can offer recommendations that will help eliminate frustrations that business
owners encounter every day. Our credit experts can ensure that your credit department runs smoothly
and efficiently.

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On-Site Evaluation Available

We can come to your business and make an on-site evaluation of your credit or collection process. We will review your current credit policy, or even help you write an improved one. Based on methods that we know are successful, we can make recommendations to enhance the practices your business already has in place. In doing so, your current credit or collection staff can learn how to manage their time and work more efficiently.

Let Us Help Your Business! 

When you choose us to provide your staff credit consultation and training, your employees will gain confidence in their ability to effectively perform their credit and collection tasks. As they continue to progress, you will also have more confidence in them which will create a more relaxed working environment. In turn, this will produce an improvement in the quality of receivables. Sometimes our recommendations involve training, which can be done on an individual or group basis. We can consult with you prior to the finalization of the program to be sure to incorporate your priorities. Please give us a call today if you would like to enroll your staff into a credit training program.